Hi there, I am Una and I would love to be your lifecoach on this exciting journey of coping with change.

I have lived through my share of changes, everything from changing schools, being an exchange student in a foreign country, leaving home, buying my first car, getting married, living in a foreign country, raising children to surviving a disastrous haircut!

Sometimes I sailed through these changes and sometimes it was really, really tough. But there is no way to avoid change, only to manage it.

I believe that we are all able to navigate change successfully, but we do not all know our inner strengths and untapped resources we can draw upon.

And this is my passion: to help you unlock those strengths and resources, so that you can move forward in confidence when the next change comes.

I am a certified lifecoach and basic EFT practitioner.

I am also a qualified medical doctor. (No specific medical advice will be addressed during our lifecoaching sessions).

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you to manage life’s challenges!

Helping people is my passion!